What services can you enjoy with Super VPN

Unblock stream media,watch smoothly on video platforms in various countries

Bypass geo-restrictions,you can watch NETFLIX, HULU, HBO,AbemaTV,Disney and other national streaming platforms smoothly from anywhere and access your favourite content freely.


The virtual IP address enables you to online anonymous, hide your online activity

SuperVPN gives you an invisibility cloak on the Internet.All your onlineactivity is 100% anonymous and untraceable with encrypted connections. Your personal data will be securely protected.


Encrypt all your data to secure your network connection

Under public WIFl, hackers can steal your password and data, threatenyour account security and property security. Network service providerscan query all your browsing history.


Protect all your devices

SuperVPN supports all mainstream devices on the market to ensure that you can protect your private data on multi-platform devices.You can enjoy exquisite and user-friendly clients for Windows, Mac, iOS,Android,Linux, and Android TV.With SuperVPN, one-cCick connect and server selection, you can access an unlimited network.

Ultra-fast servers

All of the servers implemented patentedacceleration technology, and we alsoprovide ultra-fast lPLC servers to you. Notraffic limit, no buffering, no trouble.

No logs policy

SuperVPN strictly implements no logs policyto ensure that all data between applicationsand platforms are completely anonymousand protect your online privacy.

ECC technology

All of your Internet access can be protected.Throughout highest level of secure ECCencryption technology, no one can snoopyour data.

Enjoy fast and stable connection anywhere

The internet is slow and unbearable? No worries. SuperVPN has over 1,000 servers in 64 countries and 86 regions. This ensures that no matter where you are, you can find a high-bandwidth and low-latency server nearby.

Unblock GEO restrictions

SuperVPN will change your virtual location, andhelp you unblock the restrictions to visit websites,play games and watch streaming videos.

No bandwidth limit traffic limit

SuperVPN will speed up your network.The server bandwidth can reach 10Gbps, without traffic limitation.

Global technique support

You can talk directly to our developers for help.ourt echnical staff will help you solve all of your problems.

Overall function

With SuperVPN Pro, all your internet data stays safe behind a wall of next-generationencryption.You don't need to sacrifice speed for better security.SuperVPN Pro givesyou both.

Stay safe
Protect your data
Watch & download

Serving users all over the world

SuperVPN Pro serves users in various countries all over the world. There is nogeographical restriction and anyone can use it. We welcome your valuablesuggestions to SuperVPN Pro. We will continue to optimize the product based onyour suggestions to make SuperVPN Pro more Good for you


Clients Say About SuperVPN


Alex Sandland

Easy to use and connects right away. I highly recommend this app! Show some support for these hard working people by giving 5 stars. It’s absolutely free and so fast!


Ash Thirlwell

It keeps disconnecting the vpn every 15 to 20 hours but wasn't a problem to me honestly, there also a lot if added but I still don't mind it


Chris kim

It’s actually pretty good, if your looking for a quick easy and free vpn to do small tasks like change your ip address, I'll say it's one the best but if you If your looking for full anonymity and fast servers, this app wouldn't be my first choice.


EL Boss Wolid Reec

Quick, safe and FREE!! Simple, efficient and easy to use.!!!


Exequiel Carrizo

Free as in really free. And it seems to be performant enough for low latency gaming. 5 / 5. Thank you!


Jaime Wong

Can't seem to change my location so I can watch shows that are banned in the US, but it is a free vpn


James Sandland

A sweet & easy app to come across after dealing with a bunch of not so easy OR sweet apps that leave you wanting to throw your phone across the room. Only to actually do it. So, 'Say hello to my little phone


Meave Mary

Sometimes slow. Still works well


Ty De

Sometimes slow. Still works well



How to select the best server to connect?

The network situations in regions are different. You can select a server according to the sites and games you want to sign in. And you can choose servers according to the latency time, the lower, the better

Does SuperVPN have a traffic limit? Can I connect VPN without an internet connection?

There is no traffic limit from SuperVPN. But please notice that if you are not connected to the Internet, you cannot use a VPN. Basic internet is required

Why is my YouTube so slow after connecting the servers tagged with [Netflix]?

Please turn off 'QUIC' in the Chrome browser, enter the address (chrome://flags/#enable-quic) in the chrome browser, and click 'disabled'

What can I do if I forgot the password?

Your account is bound with an email address. Please click "Forget Password" to reset your password through your email.
If the reset fails, please send it to [email protected] and our customer service will reset your password.

Can I watch the Disney+ videos with SuperVPN?

Yes, we support.
Note: Disney+ has poor compatibility with devices. If you encounter an error code while watching, you can visit Disney+ official website to find solutions.

Why the server often disconnected automatically on Android phones?

Please give SuperVPN related permissions(such as run in the background, auto-launch, secondary launch) in your phone settings or phone manager to allow SuperVPN run in the background, then restart SuperVPN to have a try